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Canada's Premier Non-Bank LenderTM

Investor Fact Sheet

Atrium Mortgage Investment Corporation was established in 2001 and is a non-bank lender that makes mortgage loans ranging from $300,000 to $30 million, focused primarily on real estate in major Canadian urban centres. The bank oligopoly in Canada provides safe opportunities for non-bank lenders like Atrium. As of December 31, 2021, Atrium’s mortgage portfolio was $767.1 million with stable dividends paid monthly, plus a special dividend once a year. Atrium has an uninterrupted record of dividends since its inception. The average mortgage term Atrium provides is 18 months which allows mortgage rates to be re-priced as interest rates rise, unlike bond and fixed income funds.

Atrium is managed by Canadian Mortgage Capital Corporation (CMCC), a
major mortgage brokerage and advisory services company, established in 1994.

Current Portfolio Composition

December 31, 2021
Description Number of mortgages Amount Percentage Weighted
average yield
Type of Mortgage        
First mortgages


$701,520  91.4% 8.17%
Second and third mortgages 14 65,611 8.6% 9.26%
  197 $767,131 100.0% 8.26%
Nature of underlying property        
Residential 181 $683,619 89.1% 8.18%
Commercial 16 83,512 10.9% 8.87%
  197 $767,131 100.0% 8.26%
Location of underlying property        
Greater Toronto Area 126 $472,851 61.6% 8.34%
Non-GTA Ontario 44 33,361 4.4% 7.65%
Alberta 2 7,148 0.9% 8.90%
British Columbia 25 253,771 33.1% 8.17%
  197 $767,131 100.0% 8.26%
AS OF February 15, 2022
Ticker TSX: AI
Price $14.27
Market cap $611 million
Dividend yield 6.8%

Mortgage Rank

Type of Real Estate


Lending Criteria

  • Targeting major Canadian metropolitan centres with local presence
  • Director approval required on every loan
  • Quarterly review on all loans excluding single family mortgages


of portfolio
below 75%



12 months

term remaining

$3.9 million


Downside Protection

  • Atrium and the Manager manage default risk by diligent monitoring of the mortgage portfolio, active communication with borrowers and aggressive enforcement procedures on problematic borrowers.
  • A mortgage investment corporation (MIC) provides downside protection relative to an equity investment.

Downside Protection Relative to Equity Investment



Iniital Structure



10% drop in value

Funded with equity Provided by REITs or private investors

Atrium provides mortgage Secured by 100% of property value

Portfolio Growth

  • The portfolio has grown conservatively and prudently over time.
  • Focus of investments in major Canadian metropolitan centres.
  • Atrium only lends in provinces where it has expertise and a local office.

Access to Real Property Transactions

  • Management relationships provide access to high quality real estate transactions in major urban centres.
  • Ability to execute financing structures that are customized to the unique needs of borrowers to compete with the comparatively inflexible financing structures offered by large financial institutions.


Robert G. Goodall

President & CEO, Founder

  • Founder and President of the Manager, Canadian Mortgage Capital Corporation
  • Former National Managing Director of the Real Estate Finance Group of a major trust company
  • Director of DREAM Office REIT

Jennifer Scoffield CPA, CA

Chief Financial Officer

  • Experienced corporate CFO

Bram Rothman

Managing Director, Ontario

  • Over 15 years experience with the company during which he has placed over $1 billion in debt
  • MBA from Schulich School of Business with specialization in Real Property Development
  • Experience with a major real estate company

Richard Munroe

Chief Operating Officer

  • Over 15 years of mortgage origination and lending experience
  • Deep understanding of term, construction , mezzanine and equity financing

Phil Fiuza

Managing Director, Single Family

  • Over 25 years of single family and alternative mortgage lending
  • Former Vice President, single family lending for BC-based trust company
  • Managed single family lending for top-50 Ontario credit union

Marianne Dobslaw

Managing Director, British Columbia

  • Over 25 years of residential and commercial mortgage financings
  • Former Vice President, Citibank Canada; MBA from the University of British Columbia

Board of Directors

Robert G. Goodall President and CEO, Atrium / President and CEO, Canadian Mortgage Capital Corporation
Mark L. Silver Chair of the Board, Atrium / President, Optus Capital Corporation
Peter P. Cohos President, Copez Properties Ltd.
Robert H. DeGasperis President, Metrus Properties
Andrew Grant President, PCI Group
Maurice (Maish) Kagan President, Canal Group
Nancy Lockhart Director, George Weston Ltd. / Director, Choice Properties REIT