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    Non-Bank Lender

    Atrium® is a Canadian non-bank lender that provides creative financing solutions to the real estate communities in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

  • Multi-Phase Townhouse Development

    $6M Second Mortgage - Vancouver

    An experienced developer with strong local market expertise was engaged. A second mortgage was provided to bridge the gap between conventional lender and cash equity provided by the borrower. The loan was structured together with a first mortgage to provide additional funding for subsequent phases after the presale targets were achieved.

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  • Structured Financing Solution - Construction & Development

    $4M First Mortgage - Edmonton

    Using experienced local developers and a well-located central infill development site, a structured financing solution was devised that allowed the project to proceed with advances of up to 85% of the total development costs and 74% of appraised value.

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  • Significant Redevelopment Potential

    $8M Second Mortgage - Vancouver

    The Borrower was purchasing an apartment building on lands with significant redevelopment potential.

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  • 65% Vacant Industrial Building - Financial Solution

    $12.5M First Mortgage - Toronto

    ...we were able to respond quickly enough to provide a replacement 1 st mortgage equal to 70% of the purchase price...

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      Feb 26th, 2021

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      Feb 11st, 2021

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