Company Profile

We are a mortgage lender filling the lending gap caused by the limited number of financial institutions operating in Canada. We lend in major urban centres where the stability and liquidity of real estate is high. Our loan portfolio is of high quality but we are able to charge higher rates than the banks because we offer flexibility, speed, creativity and excellent service. In addition, bank lending is often formulaic and constrained, whereas we are able to customize solutions.

Mortgages on which we lend are secured by all types of residential, multi-residential and commercial real property located in Canada, and must all be in strict compliance with our investment policies. Atrium has an 20-year track record of success and consistently achieving its strategic objectives: namely, to grow in a controlled manner by diversifying geographically, and focusing on real estate sectors with the lowest risk profiles.

Our investment objectives are to preserve our shareholders’ equity and provide our shareholders with stable and secure dividends from our investments in mortgage loans within the criteria permitted for a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC). Working within conservative risk parameters, we endeavour to maximize income and thus the dividends paid to our shareholders through the sourcing and efficient management of our mortgage investments.

For 2022, we are currently paying a monthly dividend of $0.075 per share, plus a special dividend to shareholders who own our shares on December 31 in the event the dividends declared are less than taxable income for the fiscal year.

Year Regular dividend Special dividend Total dividends paid Earnings per share (basic)
2013 $0.80 $0.05 $0.85 $0.85
2014 $0.82 $0.07 $0.89 $0.91
2015 $0.84 $0.09 $0.93 $0.94
2016 $0.86 $0.10 $0.96 $0.97
2017 $0.88 $0.04 $0.92 $0.95
2018 $0.90 $0.04 $0.94 $0.95
2019 $0.90 $0.06 $0.96 $0.97
2020 $0.90 $0.02 $0.92 $0.93
2021 $0.90 $0.07 $0.97
2022 $0.90 to be determined

Our investment objectives are to preserve our shareholders' equity & to provide our shareholders with stable and secure dividends.