Atrium® is a Canadian non-bank lender that provides creative financing solutions to the real estate communities in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

Company Profile
We are a mortgage lender filling the lending gap caused by the limited number of financial institutions operating in Canada. We lend in major urban centres where the stability and liquidity of real estate is at the highest levels. We focus on loans that cannot be placed with financial institutions but represent an acceptable underwriting risk. We invest in mortgages secured by all types of residential, multi-residential and commercial real property located in Canada, subject to compliance with our investment policies. Our strategy is to grow in a controlled manner by diversifying geographically, and focusing on those real estate sectors with the lowest risk profiles.
Our investment objectives are to preserve our shareholders' equity and to provide our shareholders with stable and secure dividends from our investments in mortgage loans within the criteria mandated for a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC). Working within conservative risk parameters, we endeavour to maximize income and dividends through the sourcing and efficient management of our mortgage investments.
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Many mortgage providers are constrained by a lack of flexibility. We are flexible, nimble and provide mortgages to quality borrowers where larger financial institutions do not offer competitive terms and structures. Typical loans are for bridge financing, land assembly, and infill construction, with interest rates of 8% to 10% per annum, a one to two-year term, and monthly interest-only payments. We lend in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

We are Canada's premier non-bank lender. Our objective is to provide investors with stable, safe, and reliable returns and to preserve capital. Through conservative underwriting and custom structures, we provide mortgages to borrowers whose financing needs are not being met by larger financial institutions. As a Mortgage Investment Corporation, 50% of our investments must be in residential mortgages, and we distribute all of our earnings every year.

The weighted average loan-to-value ratio of our mortgage portfolio, as a whole, at the time of underwriting each loan in our portfolio, may not exceed 75%. A typical loan in our portfolio has an interest rate of 8% to 10% per annum, a loan-to-value ratio of 65%, a one or two-year term and monthly interest-only mortgage payments. Our lending parameters are as follows:

As a mortgage lender, we are positioned to occupy the gap caused by the limited number of financial institutions operating in Canada.

Mortgage loan amounts are generally $300,000 to a maximum of $20 million. The largest single mortgage in our mortgage portfolio as at December 30, 2016 was $27.5 million. For loan amounts in excess of $15 to $20 million, we generally co-lend with a financial institution or private lender.

The parameters listed above are our maximum mortgage lending parameters. At December 30, 2016, the weighted average loan-to-value ratio of the mortgage portfolio was 62.7%.

Atrium's Investment Portfolio
Mortgage Investment Corporations

We qualify as a MIC and are restricted from any activity that would result in us failing to qualify as a MIC. In order to qualify as a MIC, we must satisfy the requirements in subsection 130.1(6) of the ITA throughout the taxation year. Among the requirements are: