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Atrium┬« is a Canadian non-bank lender that provides creative financing solutions to the real estate communities in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

Atrium Mortgages
Many mortgage providers are constrained by a lack of flexibility. We are flexible, nimble and provide mortgages to quality borrowers where larger financial institutions do not offer competitive terms and structures. Typical loans are for bridge financing, land assembly, and infill construction, with interest rates of 8% to 10% per annum, a one to two-year term, and monthly interest-only payments. We lend in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.
Atrium Investors
We are Canada's premier non-bank lender. Our objective is to provide investors with stable, safe, and reliable returns and to preserve capital. Through conservative underwriting and custom structures, we provide mortgages to borrowers whose financing needs are not being met by larger financial institutions. As a Mortgage Investment Corporation, 50% of our investments must be in residential mortgages, and we distribute all of our earnings every year.
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